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Rotary Kiln Cement Plants

We at Ashoka's cement plant unit offers Rotary kiln Cement plants and gives innovation, best quality conscious and cost effective technology to our clients. Ashoka offers Medium to Large Size Rotary kiln from 300 TPD to 2000 TPD on turnkey basis.

Our engineers are very experienced in rotary kiln technologies, we have capabilities to undertake all aspects of rotary kiln cement manufacturer project including, Plot analyis, feasibility studies, technical advice, rotary kiln equipment supply, erectioning, supervisory services, commissioning etc. So that the dust does not escape into the environment highly efficient measures for pollution control have been incorporated in every cement plant. Every material transfer points is installed with Reverse pulse jet filters. Electro static precipitator (ESP) treats the Fuel gases from kiln for cleaning before discharging into the atmosphere helping to maintain the eco friendly environment..

The rotary kiln is like a tube made from required steel plate, and lined with firebrick. rotary kiln tube slopes slightly (1 – 4°) and slowly rotates on its axis at between 30 and 250 revolutions hourly. clinker grinder raw material is fed in at the upper end and the rotation of the kiln causes it slowly to move downhill to the end of the kiln. Other end fuel in the form of oil, gas, or solid fuel, is blown in through the “burner pipe”, producing a large concentric flame in the lower part of the kiln tube. During the raw material moves under the flame, it reaches on high temperature, before dropping out of the kiln tube into the cooler.

Rotary Kiln Plant Features

  • Low pressure drop pre heaters
  • Raw mill equipped with High efficiency separator
  • Raw Meal blending in CFC silo
  • Robust and strong construction
  • Pre calciner suitable to work with alternative fuels.
  • Inlet & discharge fitted with efficient seals
  • Benchmark cooler design

Rotary Kiln Plant - Benefits

  • Near Zero Maintenance
  • Operation of Plant is Simple
  • Gestation period is short
  • Greater efficiency in Power Consumption
  • Abundant fuel savings
  • Low Installed cost
  • Trusted and proven Trouble free Technology

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